Monthly Archives: February 2019

CC Roast Practice

What better way to get into the Roast Battle spirit then to Roast a few pillars of the Corpus Christi Community. Unfortunately, most of the people in CC with local celebrity status are news personalities, which mean I’ll be punching down with these jokes. Who am I kidding, I’m too afraid to punch up anyway.

Roast Rule #1- Don’t be offended… Remember, in a real roast, anything goes.

Joe Gazin (KIII News)

A lot of people don’t realize that when we see Joe on screen that is the size he is in real life.

Scabby Rocks (How I meet Your Fathers) Feb 2019

Face To Face

It’s a special Valentine’s edition of Scabby Rocks for all you lovers out there. Now I know what you are asking; what does a streetwalking junkie like me know about Love? Well, believe it or not I have found love more than a few times. I’m reminded of a fling in the late 80’s with one of my many soul mates Trever Keith. He was the first trick I ever made sex to face to face. Before I met Trev, Scabby was strictly doggie style. Trev taught me that eye contact could be as hot as penis contact. He went on to front some amazing punk band, I forget the name, but guess what… they will be coming through town on Feb. 15th to play House of Rock, one of my favorite venues, and not just because they let me use their sink to give myself an occasional whore’s bath. 

Wake up and Roast

While I am not a performing comedian, technically, I am one of the few people in Corpus Christi to make their living being funny, via this publication. I am also one of the biggest fans and well-versed students of comedy you will find in this city. Also, my mom says I’m just the most handsome boy ever. But enough about what makes me so amazing…

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