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Scabby Rocks! (Dec 2018)

When the Editor told me that he wanted me to write about rock this month, I had a whole ‘nother rock in mind. Scabby don’t know to much about modern music. They say people usually just love the music from when they were teenagers. I can still remember the tubas blurping and the brushing on that old jazzy snare drum from my days as a young hooker on the east coast in the roaring 20’s. Then the depression hit and everything turned emo.  

Anyway lets start with Dallas, TX pop-punk band, Offended By Everything. They just signed with Standby Records and will release a new EP ‘Evergreen’ on January 4th, 2019.

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is some furniture (preferably a foot stool), some rope to practice my knots, and a heavy duty hook to hang a mistletoe.

Love, Raymond, 7

Dear Santa,

pleas ask mommy and daddy to shut the door when they practice CPR and reverse CPR (that’s what daddy calls it)

Thanks, Johnny 8

Dear Santa,

It was nice meeting you at the mall, but kind of awkward when you showed up at my house yesterday. However, thank you for the PS4 and the cold hands.

Scarred, Roman, 6

Dear Santa,

Here it is. The day we’ve been planning for months. Or at least I have, because this has been a fairly one-sided conversation. But I know you’ve been getting these letters. You have to have been, because where else would they be going?

Wake Up and Scoot

by Wil Vent

A lot of people who have known me for years tend to think that I don’t like Corpus Christi. Sure I’ve spent over a decade making fun of our small-town-city and the sometimes small-minded people that inhabit the area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like my city. After all, anything is a step up from Kingsville, TX. When I think of Corpus Christi I think of her like a gay son in a religious family. Technically, as a father I have to love him, but I’m still gonna do my best to fix any problems. Yes, I am going to stick with this somewhat offensive metaphor…

The latest issue to rear its limp little wrist in our city has been the invasion of scooters. All this time you were worried about the Caravan heading to our southern border and you forgot to tear gas the scooters that were coming from all other directions.  Now it seems that our Council may regulate the scooter companies right out of town.

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