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Love – What is it Good For?

by Joshua Espitia
Man, fuck tennis. There. It’s out there now. Fuck. Tennis. Is that the most popular opinion? I don’t know – I know nothing about the relevance of tennis to the everyday American. I know Wimbledon takes over my TV for what feels like a month every summer (although I am constantly informed by the announcers that it is but a mere fortnight) and I have to miss out on… well, nothing. There’s nothing else on in that timeslot except for soaps, the absence of which used to upset my granny to the point of swearing at John McEnroe and throwing peach pits at the television (this is the first Wimbledon she hasn’t been around for and I know she’s grateful for that), and other inane daytime programming. How many judges have their own shows now?
I’m digressing. My point is pre-empted programming is irrelevant to why I’m railing against a sport rife with grunting and fuzzy, bouncy balls. Take away all the terrible TV you want with your vaguely erotic noises and summer sweat and sexy outfits. That’s fine. Just stop making me think about love.

I’m Staying Away From this Whole James Gunn Thing

with Jay Whitecotton
Last night I found myself typing: ‘If James Gunn had just fucked a child ten years ago instead of tweeting jokes about it, he’d be well qualified to direct a Disney film.’ – and had to pause a moment. Not for any concern for backlash or endangering some future career, I don’t have, but to consider why I’m kinda worked up about this stupid blip of a non-news story.
I guess it’s for many reasons. One – I love those Guardians movies. It’s stupid and just films, but I found the idea of flawed characters overcoming their backgrounds to do better was something important and worthwhile. Also – raccoons. I fucking love raccoons. Then there’s the underlying issue of fatherhood. That line “He may have been your father boy, but he wasn’t your daddy!” hits home to me because I didn’t really have either.
The reason I have to back off is because over the past year or two I’ve come to the conclusion that people (and Americans almost exclusively), have

Rhymin’ N Stealin’ – The Original Beastie Boys Tribute Band

Rhymin’ N Stealin’ – The Original Beastie Boys Tribute Band
Chelsea’s – September 1st, 2018.

What do you do with your life when you hit your 30’s after playing in numerous bands, traveling the world as a professional rollerblader, even competing in the X-Games and basically just having a tremendous time… obviously, you start a Beastie Boys tribute band and you do it all over again. Kyle Smith AKA Ad Rock told us how Rhymin’ N Stealin’ came to be and a little bit about how much he loves the Beastie Boys.

Vent: Since you’ve never been to Corpus Christi, let’s start by telling us what the crowd can expect from the show.

Kyle: Well, it is a high energy, punch-you-in-the-face Beastie Boys experience. We’ve been at it about 10 years, and we don’t take our selves seriously at all, but we take what we do very seriously. So it makes for a good show, and you know, we’re paying homage to – what we consider to be – one of the greatest hip-hop bands of all time. And our DJ

Wake up and get Ill

I have always been jealous of my buddy Tony Jaramillo. While I spent my youth in Kingsville, Texas, he was coming of age on the east coast. Once upon a time, many years ago, he took whatever tunnel or bridge or ferry you take to go into ‘the city’ (I don’t know how it works) and he saw the Beastie Boys live, on tour with Run DMC, no less. He did also end up in Kingsville, where we met, so maybe I shouldn’t be too jealous.

Licensed to Ill was one of the first CD’s I ever bought, which you can read about this issue in an ‘encore’ printing of the Beastie Boys chapter from my book, which at current rate may never be finished. I’ve been a fan of Mike D, Ad Rock, and the late MCA for over 20 years and on

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