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Dear Scabby

Dear Scabs,
I know that Blake Farenthold was one of your regulars, have you had any dealings with our new interim Congressman?
Bech Bruun

Aw Bech honey, jealous much?
There aren’t many local men with whom I haven’t had relations, and by local I mean the greater southwest United States plus some parts of Indonesia. Once upon a time, old Scabby walked the streets of a little sprout of a town called Victoria, Texas, named after Vicky Vajajay the town’s only working girl, until I came around.

Wake Up and Call Out A Thief

I have to give props to Eric Holguin and how gracefully he took the loss of the June 30th Special election against our new Congressman Michael Cloud. I know that democratic losses don’t come as much of a surprise since 2013 when our district went from a fairly-drawn, cute little coast-hugging strip to what now resembles an old shoe on the foot of an elderly woman trying to stomp all the Mexicans into the gulf. An old shoe, mind you, that has already been determined by a federal court to have been unconstitutionally drawn to limit the rights of Hispanics to elect the candidate of their choice.

Dear Scabby,

What’s your take on the election in Turkey and the obvious corruption by President Erdogan?
Yours Tuesday 3pm

Hey Tuesday 3,


Dear Scabby,

Letters to the Ed

Dear voters,
How come nobody ever told us that if our dad won the election he would be going away for 32 weeks of the year? Did any of you voters out there take that into consideration what kind of effect that is going to have on us? I doubt it.
Michael Cloud’s Children

Dear Cloud Kids,
All I can figure is that your old man just doesn’t really like you all that much.

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