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In a Total Dick Move, NRA now says: ‘Arm students to protect themselves’

by William Henneberger

With advocates for stricter gun control making more progress over the last month than in recent history, the National Rifle Association is up in arms. The NRA has doubled down on their hardline policy for no more laws governing the buying or selling of guns to anyone, anywhere, and for any reason, including premeditated murder.

This is in reaction to recent decisions by multiple businesses to deny the purchase of guns to customers under the age of 21 and also to the loss of other NRA corporate partners. In the midst of backlash, NRA officials have decided to forego compromise and move directly to belligerence.

Trump Lowers Taxes on Sex Scandal Payoffs

by William Henneberger

In order to make up for Trump’s widely hated steel tariff debacle, the president has decided to bring down taxes on any monies used to make payoffs to women involved in sexual scandals of any kind.

“Your first three sex scandals are tax-free, people,” Trump gloated at a White House press conference. “This is going to save congress tons of taxpayer dollars.”

A particular provision in this executive order even makes it clear that this tax exemption is ‘per scandal’ not per payoff, meaning that a congressman could theoretically have three separate orgies resulting in numerous payoffs without having to pay any taxes until their fourth orgy.

Wake Up & Runoff

by Will Vent

It’s Runoff time voters, and by voters I mean the less than 10% of the district’s population that could be bothered to fight the big, bad rainstorm and actually show up to take part in the sacred electoral process. 21,000 Democrats turned out March 6th, against 43,000 Republicans. That is not going to cut it Corpus Christinos. I was glad to see that The Vent’s pick for House Representative, Eric Houlgin, came in second and made it into the Runoff election this May. Yes, we will be taking credit for that. But, as I said, this is not enough momentum to make a dent in November.

I will say that given the current gerrymandered condition of US Congressional District 27 it’s nice to see even a little bit of movement. Also, any Republican running for Blake Farenthold’s spot should feel ashamed that they are essentially playing dirty since courts have already ruled that the redrawing of the 27th was done illegally and specifically to dilute Hispanic (mostly Democrat) votes. Any Republican with integrity should decline to run until the lines are redrawn constitutionally.

Not For A Million Bucks: an interview with artist Mayra Zamora.

with William Henneberger

It is becoming more and more rare these days that you meet someone whom you believe when they say they would turn down an enormous amount of money on principle. I don’t know Mayra Zamora very well, but for some reason, when she said that in this interview, I believed her. In my limited opinion regarding art, I think that may be what it means to be a true artist… just don’t tell that to Norman Rockwell.

If you like what you see or what Mayra has to say follow her on Instagram @MiraMayraArt. Also, be sure to come out and support the opening of her show Rosas Para Mi Corazon at Janet F. Harte Public Library in Flour Bluff, Saturday, March 10th from 3-6pm, or stop by anytime throughout March to see her heartfelt and enjoyable works.

What are some of the pros and cons of being an artist in a smaller market like Corpus Christi?

I love Corpus and its art scene. Since I moved to Corpitos in 2006, I instantly enthralled myself into the art community. I joined K Space Contemporary in the Fall of 2007 and they have become my art

Gun Violence: There’s No One Left to Blame

by Joshua Espitia

I’m tired. Jaded, really. On Valentine’s Day, I sat in my classroom – I teach high school English – and watched live with my students as another shooter rampaged through an American school. This time it was in Florida. That was the third major mass shooting I’ve ended up discussing with them since the school year began (The church just outside San Antonio and the Las Vegas concert are the other two – 103 people died between the three incidents. Among the dead were multiple children. Let that sink in.) and the 107th mass shooting of any kind since the school year began1.
Enough is enough.
I shouldn’t need to have these discussions with my students. Or my own children. No parent or teacher should. And yet as long as we live in a culture that values the right to kill over the right to life I will continue to have to have them. And so will you. And your children will talk about it among themselves, too. I know. I’ve watched it happen in my classroom.

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