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Cheech Marin & What it Takes to Make a Great Wall

Editor’s note: It isn’t every day that you get the chance to interview an icon like Cheech Marin, let alone the fact that he has been one of my personal comedy heroes going on 3 decades (God, I’m old.). It also isn’t every day that you get the chance to pass up talking to that hero in order to let you progeny spread his celebrity interview wings and see if he flops or flys. Not so long ago, my son fully came out of the creative closet. I had my suspicions. I mean, in the past couple of years he’s been in several theater productions, created a webcomic and in his first semester of college, he confessed that he had experimented with an improv troupe. Some dads may have been disappointed but I like to think I’m pretty… You thought I was gonna say ‘woke’ didn’t you. Ha, never. Anyway, I digress, enjoy this sit down with Cheech Marin regarding, among other things, part of his current Chicano art collection now on display at the Art Museum of South Texas.

Vent Jr.: When it comes to art or being creative in general, do you believe in the concept of a muse?

Cheech Marin: A muse? I like to be “A-mused” by art. ah, you know, art like anything else is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. You know it’s a discipline, you have to get up and do it every day, just like anything.

How to Spend Your Entire Tax Return in 10 Days

By Staff

It’s that time again; when some of us are getting those huge income tax checks that one of our part-time contributors cleverly refers to as King-Kong-tax-returns. Some of us who have teenage children have been in the game a long time and we are experts at spending that February windfall like we are in our own Brewster’s Millions scenario (what? You don’t get 30-year-old references… Google it.). I don’t know the psychology behind the fact that every tax season the working poor decide to make some of the dumbest decisions they can with what usually amounts to the biggest lump-sum check we will ever see unless by some miracle we have legitimate a slip and fall in an H-E-B, but that’s what we do.
For those of you who are just turning 18 and finally getting that triple kid bonus giving you your first real King Kong tax return, don’t worry, here are some tips to help you spend that money like the rest of us. If you follow this guide carefully, you too can be broke again by next week

1. Retrieve everything from the pawnshop until next month when you will have to pawn it all again.
Cost: $600-$900 plus $1 for each item because you lost the pawn slips.

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