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Los Real Henrys of South Texas

As someone who fancies himself a South Texas satirist, I have to admit that this time around the family of local superstar attorney Thomas J. Henry officially has me beat. Hangin’ with Los Henrys launched on Youtube in mid-December and has garnered local as well as regional fanfare. The brilliant mocumentary series lands a poignant blow on the face of a generation fueled by ego and materialism. It is heartwarming to see a family come together like this for the common cause of making the world a better place.
The show follows the planning of young Thomas’ 18th birthday party which has a budget of $6-million. Through this tale, the family shows us what it truly looks like to disgustingly throw oneself into a world of frivolous spending and nauseating entitlement. It’s a cautionary story for anyone who dreams of owning cars and timepieces worth more than many people make in a lifetime.
Of course, after watching the first four parts of this amazing project, I had to sit down with the family and hopefully learn how to step up my game to help make people more aware in as big of a way as they have done.

Thomas J. Henry
Thomas J. Henry: First off, let me say that I want these interview to come out flattering. I don’t want to have to sue the shit out of you… [laughing] I really had you going for a second, didn’t I…

V: Haha, good one. Luckily, in case you were considering it, I’m poor AF.

TJH: Haha, that’s ok. I’ll don’t need money, I’ll take your miserable soul… I’m kidding. Relax.

Trump Hopes to Tap Fresh, Young Labor Market

by Alfonse Monk

Donald Trump is looking to fulfill part of his campaign promise to create more jobs with his proposed executive order 14-2-17.
Spurred on by calls from an increasingly dissatisfied base, especially in the wake of the Roy Moore defeat, Trump is considering a drastic – if not particularly surprising given his past escapades – action. Clad in gold pajamas, surrounded by pictures of Ivanka, and appearing to tweet furiously under his pure white, David Duke 1,000 thread count sheets, Trump gave the following statement from his Mar-a-Lago bedroom early Saturday morning:
“Look, I get it. You’re angry. You’ve got little rocket man wanting to kill us all. You’ve got fake news telling you that white people with caches of weapons are shooting other white people when we all know it’s brown people in white face.

The Vent is Going To Bug You So Much When You Win

An interview with possible Congressman Eric Holguin:

First off, why did you decide to run this year?

With everything that has happened since the 2016 election, I felt it was time for me to step up. As a millennial, we are always being told to “wait your turn”, and I was getting so angry, not only with where our country is headed, but where Texas and the 27th Congressional District of Texas are headed. It became abundantly clear that new energy, fresh faces, and effective ideas were needed to get our community moving forward – I have the thick skin and experience to do this. In this district, we’ve been stuck in the past and it shows all around us. So it’s time to take things into our own hands.

How would you try to convince a Trump supporter to vote for you?

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