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LGBT Group Protests Red-Light Cameras

By Wil Henneberger

Along with many other Corpus Christi citizens, an area gay rights organization has also taken up the fight against red-light cameras. Currently, there are operational devices at 12 different intersections throughout the city and nearly all licensed drivers believe they are unnecessary. However, the activists at P.R.O.U.D., which stands for P*** R**** on U* Dads, have a different take on the issue.
“We think it’s discriminatory to have just red-light cameras,” bellowed local protester, Korbin Matthews! “Why not orange-light cameras, or Yellow-light, or green, blue, indigo and violet-light cameras? I think all the colors should be represented at every major intersection in this great gay city.”
The idea has been met with mixed reactions. Some believe this is the perfect time to make a pro-LGBT statement with some fabulous new traffic lights while others say that seven different lights would confuse the already incompetent Corpus Christi driving population. Then there are those who stand against the idea for religious reasons.
Pastor Dick Milby and Councilwoman Vaughn, who fought recently to prevent the Harbor Bridge from being illuminated in rainbow colors,

So How Did You Get The Name Bobcat Goldthwait ?

For most of my generation, it is hard not to associate Bobcat Goldthwait with the maniacal character he played in 3 of the 7 [possibly 8 (possibly infinite)] Police Academy Movies. However, if you are a savvy MFing indie film/comedy buff like myself, then you are aware that before his acting career Bobcat was a Stand-Up Comedian, and in the years since, he has made his mark behind the camera. He has directed everything from Chappelle’s Show to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, not to mention a handful of his own feature films. I spent last Thursday morning on the phone with one of my favorite filmmakers and before you ask, NO, he doesn’t do the voice anymore… unless you pay enough.

Vent: I’m a little nervous. I’m a big fan.

Bobcat: Well, I hope I don’t crush that out of you.

V: Fair enough… I grew up on the Police Academy movies, but mostly my brother knew you from Hot To Trot. We recorded it off HBO on VHS and just watched it over and over.

B: I won’t tell the Feds.

V: Yes, please don’t. I already have some issues with the Feds.

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