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The House of Rock turns 10

Corpus Christi’s House of Rock has been an entertainment staple in the city for all things music, movies and entertainment. They host film events, festivals, after parties, screen printing events and, of course, live rock shows. We had a chance to chat with the man every musician who’s played in Corpus knows by name, House of Rock head honcho Casey Lain.
The Vent: How long have you been involved with the House of Rock?

Casey Lane: House of Rock opened July 28th 2005, I partnered and took over management in September 2005.

V: I know you just became a dad again recently so when do you find time to run the show?

CL: Time management is something that I am always working to improve. I have a great staff at House of Rock and a good management team that help keep the place going. Even though the hours are long, the schedule is somewhat flexible so I am able to get family time in and balance everything fairy well.

Wake Up & Dry Off

Nobody wants to admit it, but we have all woken up in a wet spot. It happens. For some of us more often than others. We don’t have to get detailed about exactly what kind of fluid it was – if it was natural or chemical, animal, mineral, terrestrial or extra. Maybe we don’t know and couldn’t handle the truth anyhow. Perhaps all you can say for sure is that it was warm and wet and there seemed to be more of it than any one human could produce.

I am here to tell you Corpus Christinos, that getting all wet is just another part of life. Sure, unexpected showers (golden or otherwise) can wreak havoc on everything from your dry-cleaning bill to our city’s infrastructure. Yes. Some of us lost the family pet to one of the new sink holes, but that is just the circle of life.

Prostitutes Relocate Due to Downtown Construction

The multi-phase beautification projects in Downtown Corpus Christi will no doubt benefit the cities features; however it has already proven detrimental to several of the areas locally owned businesses.
In the past month alone, citizens have seen Coffee Waves as well as Sushibar and Stereo Musicbar close their doors to their downtown locations. Both owners claim it was due to reduced revenue caused by the long-term construction.
Other affected entrepreneurs plan on closing or relocation to the Southside, including P.U.S.S.Y. (Prostitutes Usually for Safe Sex Younion).

Wake Up & Relocate

With so much drama in the CCISD, it’s kinda hard being a parent of a former Windsor Park student.
Let me begin by saying that I have had a long-standing grudge against authority (he wrote from a Federal Correctional Institution). Mostly self taught, I never put much stock in our society’s school system, or any other system for that matter.
Aside from this brief 10 month stint I am doing for copyright infringement, I am basically a pretty upstanding citizen trying my best to not be an ignorant moron.
Sometimes I succeed.

Site Supremacists Fight for Better Elementary School Location

Amidst much controversy, the Corpus Cristi Independent School District Board finally found a suitable site for the Windsor Park Elementary students.
After the first spot was suggested, parents of the W.P. kids expressed concern that their children would not be safe in one of Corpus Christi’s many lower-class neighborhoods. When surveyed, 42% of the parents protesting against the new site for the school said they would not send their kids to the new campus if it was built in the area near McArdle and Kostoryz.
It was due to this dramatic uprising of parents that CCISD superintendent Scott Elliff has decided to move all teachers and students in the Gifted and Talented program aboard the USS Lexington.

Texas House Passes Campus Carry Jr. Law

Off to a productive start, the Texas Legislature has already approved bills for Statewide Open Carry as well as Campus Carry for Texas colleges.
This week politicians hard at work in Austin passed the Campus Carry Jr. bill also known as HB 35745210, allowing open carrying of handguns by elementary school students. This bill essentially guarantees children the right to carry a .357 for 5 to 10-year-olds.
Another House Bill, 949, was shot down because its wording only allowed 9-year-olds to carry 9 millimeters and was considered not far-reaching enough.
“I’m all for 9’s for 9’s,” said Governor Greg Abbott, “but isn’t it so much cuter to see a 1st grader with a big ol’ .357? I tell you, that’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.
“If it makes it to my desk, I will sign that into law faster then an 8-year-old can accidentally kill his shooting instructor.”

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