Monthly Archives: August 2014

Robin Williams Dead To Me 1951-2014

Robin, Robin, Robin, I will miss you, you hairy man you. Every time I look at my dads fuzzy arms I will remember you getting Matt Damon to break down in good will hunting and hence bringing this 17 year old (at the time) to tears. Robin Williams, you had a hand in raising me, you taught me tolerance in Birdcage, and with Good Morning Vietnam you showed me how to stand up for what I believe is right, and with everything else I guess you taught me that a person never really has to stop talking if they don’t want to.
Robin you are dead to me, but… It’s not your fault. No, no, no, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault. LOOK AT ME! IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. it’s not your fault.

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