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Folkin’ A Right! with Chris Carrabba

Interview by Wil Henneberger

This year has been a good one. I’ve had the chance to be a fan again this year. Thanks, to my “job”, over the last few months I’ve seen some tremendous performances and even interviewed more than a few of my heroes and inspirations. More than that, I have come back around to a version of myself that I really missed. Like most thirty-somethings, I’ve graduated from Screaming Infidelities and settled right into Something We Just Know. I’ve moved out of the Dashboard Confessional and on to Twin Forks.
I recently spoke to Chris Carrabba, front man for both of those incredible bands and once again found myself, simply, a fan.

Vent: What is the most notable difference a Dashboard Confessional fan is going to notice at a Twin Forks show?

Chris: I think if they’re a Dashboard fan they kind of get the difference. They kind of get the one thing that people who only ever heard DB records got. There was so much joy in Dashboard and that’s really on display here,

Mastodon – Once More ’Round The Sun

Released: June 24,2014 – Reprise

by Mike Skinner

Goddamn you, David Letterman. You know a thing or two. My father used to let me stay up super late on school nights to watch the original Late Night that came on after Carson. On some kind of very basic level, I sort of always got it. He did everything on purpose. Absurdist humor is either in you or it isn’t. It’s why only some people appreciate Broken Lizard.
His in-house band was always filled with the most amazing players. Anton Fig has been there for twenty-plus years and he’s played with everyone. Shit, the bandleader made his bones at SNL. Will Lee? Sid McGinnis? Steve Jordan? (Yeah, that Steve Jordan) Benie Worrell? Warren Zevon sitting in with David Sanborn? Oh, and don’t forget about Felicia Collins. Name me another female, front-of-the-house electric guitarist that’s ever been on television on a regular basis. I mean, I was just barely growing up and I knew then that these guys were amazing, even before I knew a thing about music.

Local and Federal Politicians Debate Over Lack Of Gum Control

There is no denying that gum control is lacking in America. One local group recently did something to make a difference, and in this climate of apathy toward citizenship, their perseverance paid off.

The Families Against Gums group spoke before city officials last Tuesday and convinced the local lawmakers to administer a citywide ban on gums.

Janice Brubaker, a local dentist asked the government to step in, on this issue because she says, “Gums are destroying our youth!”. “You think its fun to play with gums, and everyone thinks they are so cool when they are holding a gum, but with what these gums can do to your gums… to put it simply, it’s gum violence.”

Dear Liberal Crackpot,

I know you’ve got a gun control boner right now, what with the recent shooting and the one before that, and the one before that. Well, I am here to tell you that my 30-round magazine gives me a bigger harder boner than you could ever have. Sometimes I just press that cold metal right against my scrotum, and imagine a world where my arms are made of guns and the laws says I can shoot at anyone who watches The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Thanks for listening,
Eric V. Wade

Hey there Venty Boy,

It’s your old friend Mark. So, I have been throwing around some new ideas for Facebook functionality. How about a feature where we have your sometimes violent ex come over to your house in the middle of the night and make you give them your Facebook password. Then they read your messages to you while they stroke your head and as why they weren’t good enough for you. I mean why should you have to read your own messages when you could just sit there and relax. Doesn’t that sound great?
Best Regards,
Mark Z.

Dear worthless rag,

What is up with all the post coverage? Don’t you do any planning for this rag… Every time I read about some great thing, it has already happened! Don’t you realize that your existence is based purely on duty to inform the public ahead of time about which metal bands will be at which metal bars! The concept is fairly simple, but that’s probably no guarantee that you would be able to understand it. Can I speak to your manager…

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