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Racist Grandma Faces Lifetime Ban From Kickball Stadium

by Wil Henneberger

(Corpus Christi, TX) 82-year-old, Angela Hilter, sponsor of the Poodles, a Miss Little Kickball team, comprised of her granddaughter and 10 other 5-7-year-olds, may be facing a 3-year ban from the MLK Stadium, which in her case might very well be, a lifetime ban.
Grandma Hilter, as she is know by everyone in the league, never misses a game and always has baked-goods for everyone at the kickball fields. Many husky fans say it would be a great loss if she were banned.
Last week a disturbing video caused some controversy amongst the peewee sports fans. What was believed to be a hate-speech was brought to the attention of area news outlets and has since gone viral.
Hilter, was apparently

Moontower Gives Great Headliners

by Wil Henneberger

Moontower isn’t just about the big acts… it’s about seeing some of your all-time favorite comedians up close on intimate stages. So close you could easily abduct them and force them to do a feature spot for your cocker spaniel every night, while chained to your refrigerator… if that’s your thing. That said, lets talk about famous people.

For the festival, I was furnished with a wonderful Green Press Pass. For any ladies asking, yes, it was a special all-access pass that opened any and all doors. For the purpose of this article, uh, we will assume that my Press Pass was only as valuable as your basic Fan Pass, which didn’t guarantee entry to see Headliners, but good news, I got into all three of the headliner shows I lined up for.

On Thursday, the second night of the

Austin’s Moontower Comedy Fest: One Question with…

One Question with…

Marc Maron

How do you feel tonight?

I feel alright. You know I’m doing a really late show. It’s late for anywhere. A midnight show, at a big theater… there’s no way to know what’s gonna happen. Most of my fans are grown ups, so I know they’re probably struggling to stay awake right now. So it’s gonna be a challenge to entertain them. It’ll be like trying to get someone you want to have sex with, to have sex with you, after they’ve worked hard all day.

Area Comedy Club Doing Best They Can

By Javi Luna

A local comedy club is expanding thanks to both a booming comedy scene and this past weekend’s $0 down Easy Credit Used Car Sale-A-Thon at a car lot that asked not to be named for the purpose of this article. We caught up with comedian/writer/booker/promoter/line cook Bob “Big Money” Reno, owner of Giggles Comedy Club, during his break at Uncle Lou’s Burger Joint, to ask him about the recent expansion.
“I’ve been in the comedy business for 13 years and I just felt it was time to take the club to the next level and turn it into an A class establishment.” Reno said, about the recently acquired 2007 Nissan Cube that will double as the club’s means of transporting talent and as a green/dressing room. “I think a lot of the big names we’ve got coming to the room are going to be impressed with the new accommodations.” ‘Big Money’ continued. 
The vehicle, which only has 86,000 miles, features A/C and heating, power windows and locks, and CD stereo with auxiliary input for the comedians

Wake Up & Get Festive

By Wil Henneberger

During the last week of April I had the chance to cover Austin’s Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. It was their 3rd year, my 1st, and I have to say that I regret not jumping onboard sooner. For someone who doesn’t get out much, it was definitely an entertainment overdose, but I have a feeling even a seasoned entertainment junkie like my brother Mike would have left with a more than adequate fix.
This issue is full of post-Moontower coverage for two reasons. First and foremost, I would like to ensure that I receive my press badge for next year. And B- it was the best week I have experienced in the past few years, and not just because I was in a hotel, four hours away from my wife and kids. It was a truly inspirational week filled with personal interactions with some of my comedy heroes as well as great meetings with some Austin up-and-comers I had only previously know virtually. This is the part where I would tag 47 people, if this weren’t print.
The whole experience leaves me thinking about what we could do right here in our own city.
Now, I realize as I begin this rant

Dear Wil,

With all this racism in the news it got me thinking about you and your family. How is your dad? Does he still say ‘colored people’ instead of African Americans… I bet he does. What a hoot. And your mom? I bet she still doesn’t think the Spanish term ‘Negritos’ isn’t actually offensive.

Have a nice day,
Your estranged black friend

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