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The Bitchin’ Kitchen at House of Rock – CC,TX

by Kat McCloud
Pics by Leslie Morin
Vent readers, get ready to stuff your face with some AMAZING dishes that will make you question how it is possible to get great music and food-network worthy cuisine in the multicultural HOR, that for eight years has been serving us up sweet jams.
Picture this: Look left…..Mad Caddies (Coming in April), Look right….delicious food that will make you forget about the band. It’s overwhelming…and it’s all YOURS!
The venue is stepping it up to a whole new level, with concept owner Casey Lain providing a shift in the playing field for bar food in our city. .
As far as the menu goes, here’s what we know:
“On the menu will be specialty pizzas (offered whole or by the slice), assorted appetizers, fresh salads and sandwiches. All menu options will be to-go friendly. On April 2nd, the kitchen will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Beginning April 3rd, the kitchen will be open for dinner with a limited menu. The full menu will be available the following week.”

Cheech and Chong, Me and Mom, Some War Songs but No Bong

by Wil Henneberger

A few weeks before the Up in Smoke Tour visited Corpus Christi, I had the great fortune to speak with Tommy Chong on the phone about what to expect to see on stage at the show. He let us know that because Cheech and Chong were cultural icons, people expected to see their favorite sketches and the classic jokes that they have appreciated for decades. Keep in mind, Chong said this in the most humble way anyone has ever stated his icon status. We all know even the Virgin Mary gets a little pretentious now and again.

I am usually not a fan of predictable comedy. One of the main rules of comedy is that a joke is never as funny as the first time you hear it. I’ve heard a lot of Cheech and Chong material over the years and I was pretty sure I was in for a night of polite chuckles and respectful clapping. Either way, I was taking my mom for her birthday and she’s not the comedy snob that I somehow became, so

Dirty Rice: The Mad Caddies’ 7-Year Itch

by Kat McCloud
Warped Tour. If you read this magazine, chances are, you’ve either got a vague idea of it, or you went every year until your early twenties and desperately yearn for the days of yore. The glued-up blue liberty spikes pointing to the sky as hundreds of “hoodlums”, as my nana called us, roamed around laced in spikes, soaking in the overwhelming thunder of rebellion pumping through speakers. Everywhere you looked, Ska….Punk….Metal….SkapunkmetalraggaeStep…and my personal favorite, Skunk.
I bring up Warped Tour because when I heard the Mad Caddies were finally releasing another album, after SEVEN FUCKING YEARS (I forgive you Mad Caddies), my mind immediately drifted to reminiscing upon the Warped Tour. They were always there. And like Warped Tour….

Tommy Chong’s Penal Code

About ten years ago an overzealous Assistant U.S. Attorney sent Tommy Chong went to federal prison for a little while. For our many readers who are probably going to do a stretch at some point, we asked if he had any advice.

Take advantage of your time. Read everything that you meant to read. You never have enough time to read when your on the outside, but in the inside make time to read. And, always be weird in some way. Let everybody know that you’re a very weird guy, don’t try to fit in,

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