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Tommy Chong: The Not So Straight Man

Interview by Wil Henneberger

It’s been a while since I have made my mom proud. I knew that would be a side effect of writing dick and fart jokes for a living. I try to bribe her with the free tickets I get from time to time, but that only goes so far. Cut to, me, telling my mom that I got to talk on the phone with Tommy Chong. I could feel the pride launching from her flip-phone antenna, bouncing of Earth-orbiting satellites and milliseconds later landing softly on her baby’s ear. Now, if I get you some tickets to see Cheech and Chong can you forget about the time when I was 13-years-old and called you a b****. I’m so sorry mommy.

Vent: Let me start by saying that I have been a fan since I was a kid. I grew up in the 90’s and my cousin JD, played one of your records for me and I was hooked. What do you think it was about that comedy that held up so well?

Tommy Chong: When you get high on pot, you get close to God and when you get close to God, everything you do is a notch above everything else. The message is going straight from the higher power to the people, I mean, that’s my thing. It affected the Beatles the same way. Everything they wrote after they got turned onto pot had a little higher meaning then

Texas Passes Controversial Discrimination Law

On Friday afternoon, Governor Rick Perry signed, into Texas law, a statute that protects the liberty of business owners all across the Lone Star State. This new law allows Texans to refuse service to patrons with any form of handicap or disability that my cause the storeowner to feel uncomfortable.

The controversial piece of legislation has been dubbed the Discriberty Law, as it allows citizens to exercise their God-given Liberty to Discriminate.

At the signing, Governor Perry commented, “I am signing this law paper, to show that freedom is the best.  This is only the beginning. Once people see that the liberty to discriminate is our Constitutional right, if you don’t count certain questionable

ScabScab on the TonTons

Some of you may not know this about old Scabby, but I love me some indie music. A few nights back as I was bumming cigs outside of House of Rock, I heard the most angelic young voice. I made it inside and got to see a couple of songs before I was politely asked to take my dripping somewhere else. I get it. I’m not sure why, but I am always dripping and I know it’s a hazard. No hard feelings on that.
The band I witnessed was the Tontons, and after being ejected, I found a nice gutter within earshot of the Venue and enjoyed the rest of the set. Those pipes belonged to

Hopeless Records Founder Louis Posen – Hopelessly Devoted to Taking Action

The Take Action Tour is the longtime non-profit side project of Louis Posen the founder of Hopeless Records. I’m not sure what Hopeless Records means to you, to my wife it means Yellowcard… to my sisters; The Used or All Time Low, and don’t get my Brother started on Bayside. For me Hopeless Record’s CD Samplers were a cheap source of punk and ska at a time when I was making decisions between Mustard Plug merch, or lunch for that day. So when I got to interview the man behind the compilations of my misspent youth, I had to first and foremost say thanks.

Vent: I have to say a special thanks to you. I was one of the kids with little money who grew up on inexpensive CD samplers like the ones you put out.

Louis: Thank you so much!

Vent: Lets cover the basics, how do you decide what bands and what cause to include in the Take Action Tour each year?

My ‘close friend’ Michael Pilato is in Green Day’s American Idiot

I don’t get to the theater very often, and by often, I mean never. I do know a thing or two about the stage, mostly information gleaned from episodes of Law and Order where an understudy drops a lighting truss on the lead, and nobody cares because he was a real bastard. So, I wouldn’t say I’m completely ignorant, and from what I understand there is a whole other side to theater. One of our idiot staff writers got the chance to speak to Michael Pilato from the cast of American Idiot’s current touring company about the camaraderie and power of a great musical. Sorry no murders. Yet. DUN DUN…

VENT: Before we start, I should let you know that I’m not really a theater person. I’m more of a reality television connoisseur. Would you say that a play is kind of like… a reality movie or maybe a reality music video?

Scabby on Spring Break

Spring time is here and with that comes Spring Break and more importantly Spring Breakers. Soon our lovely beaches will be littered with drunken co-eds shedding their clothing and dignity for all to see.
Now you might think that Scabby is a good time having gal and must love to get her Spring Break on. WRONG. The other working gals and I hate this time of year. There is literally thousands of sun kissed young men with pockets lined with their daddy’s money ready to diddle anything that moves, but does Scabby get any loving on the beach?

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