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Pro-Multiple-Choice with Bill Maher

Interview by Will Henneberger

It’s an exciting time in politics America… right? Okay, the truth is, I might be the worst person on this staff to commentate on the subject of government elections and/or antiquated laws that were created to bring a smile to a few politicians’ personal deity. Then again, I do marathon my way through all 7 seasons of The West Wing at least once every 18 months. Perhaps I’m more qualified than I think. Either way, let’s play it safe and defer to an expert. We just so happen to be expecting a call from none other than political comedian and general sense-maker Bill Maher, and lucky for you, The Vent Daily records all of our phone calls for quality control purposes.

THE VENT DAILY: It’s a big year for Texas. Perry’s getting out of the way. Do you think there is any hope that we can make the leap from red to blue? Or should I just move?

BILL MAHER: Definitely don’t move out of there. I come to Texas as often as I can. The politics may not be exactly in line with my politics, but it’s a fun place. You can’t deny that. What I find coming to Texas, out of all the states, is

Still No Explanation for Colorado Real-Estate Boom

Over the past month Colorado has seen a 420% increase in real estate sales, and experts on the matter seem stumped. People are traveling from anywhere and everywhere, to take up residency in The Centennial State.
Numbers aren’t just up when it comes to sales of homes, but at last report, there are no longer any rental vacancies in any city across the state, and all hotels are fully booked for the foreseeable future.

Food Stamp Cards Hacked for Millions of Wal-Mart Shoppers

In a crushing post-holiday blow, a consumer report, released on Tuesday, has alerted millions of Wal-Mart shoppers to a, now confirmed, hacking incident.

Information has been illegally obtained from nearly 50 million debit cards for the SNAP program (Formerly called ‘Food Stamps’). This comes on the heels of a similar 4th quarter catastrophe involving Target patrons. In this case however, those affected wont just go without Christmas gifts, they could end up with no food on the table.

Wake Up and Browse

It’s no secret that I don’t quickly embrace new technology. After all it’s 2014 and I am still circulating a newsprint publication for goodness sake. And I’m still saying ‘for goodness sake’. In my defense, it isn’t that I fear change; I’d just rather not deal with imperfect new fads until I know they are at least somewhat ironed-out and here to stay a while.

Dead To Me Obit : James Avery

James Avery 1948-2013

Uncle Phillip Banks did not make it to see 2014, he died on New Year’s Eve at a Los Angeles Hospital. As a fat kid watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I oddly related most to you. You gave me hope because even though you had a big belly and a balding head, you scored a hot wife (at least for half of the series). I was a kid though and didn’t realize these women were probably with you for the money… Man I was a stupid kid.

Dear Billy,

Dear Billy,
I was wondering if you can help me keep one of my new years resolutions. I have decided to stop reading crap, so maybe you can resolve to stop writing crap.


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