Monthly Archives: October 2013

City Abandons Street Repairs to Build Flying Car

by William Henneberger

Corpus Christi, TX – In response to the tens-of-thousands of complaints regarding the last few years of street repairs, Corpus Christi City Council has decided to abandon all reconstruction efforts and instead use bond funds to create a hovering automobile.

4 Comedians 1 Interview – The Latin Comedy Jam Tour

Vent: What made you want to be a comedian?

Luke Torres: The bully in second grade made we want to be a comedian. He wouldn’t kick my ass as long as I was making him laugh

Aida Rodriguez: I have always wanted to be an entertainer, a comedian. I loved Johnny Carson as a little girl and I wanted to be him.

Jerry Garcia: Comedy was awesome a dream of mine since I can remember, I loved the atteantion of making adults laugh out loud as a young kid, I always hung out with the other crowd and I was able to easily fit in because of my sense of humor.

Dear Scabby,

Dear Scabby,
Last issue you were named the new editor of the Vent and now I here you are back to writing obits and advice fluff.  What happened?   -Your #1 Fan

Aw, you’re a sweetheart for asking… It’s a long story and it starts with some scabs and it ends with, well, some more scabs.

As you mentioned last month I was finally realized as the talent that I am, and promoted to Editor of this fine publication.

Area Theater To Install Gun Holsters For Customers

by William Henneberger

Corpus Christi, TX – A press conference was held on Tuesday morning to announce new renovations at the Starplex 16 screen movie theater near Greenwood and SPID.

After much anticipation, Owners of Starples Cinemas revealed the next evolution in theater seating.

Local Man Held Captive For 15 Years By Wife and Kids

by William Henneberger

Corpus Christi, TX – After a decade and a half, a local man who went missing in 1998 has finally resurfaced. Patrons at a local Mexican restaurant were dumbfounded last Saturday when William Henneberger walked in, and ordered some nachos and a Diet Coke.

Texas County Initiates Government Slutdown

by William Henneberger

Corpus Christi, TX – It’s been less than a week and area slut, Desiree Moon, is already seeing the effects of the local government Slutdown. Last Tuesday Nueces County officials released a statement explaining that; “effective immediately, all sluts in the county were to stop slutting and go home until further notice.”

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