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Talking Megakids, Megagolf and Megadrums with Megadeth’s Shawn Drover

By William Henneberger

There is no denying the musical impact of Megadeth. I don’t hold it against the band that the worst person I have ever met was a huge fan. In fact, when I had to hack that person’s email and guess their favorite band and color, thanks to Megadeth, I was already half way there.

I came of age, closer to the middle of the musical spectrum… The teenaged version of myself might describe it as ‘somewhere between punk and queer’. Either way. I knew I couldn’t confidently talk Megadeth with drummer Shawn Drover, so instead we split our conversation between the following… enjoy.

Ballyhoo! An Interview of Few Words

by William Henneberger
Thanks to the checkered ink around my wrist, it’s never been a secret that I enjoy the upbeat, muted guitar sounds of Ska… and I take my Ska anyway it comes, with a little bit of Punk, or some Reggae. I like it dirty, clean, sharp or flat. I would have named my first kid Rudie, if my wife hadn’t dated a guy by the same name. I digress. If you haven’t yet been exposed to reggae-punk ballyhoo of Ballyhoo!, there’s never been a better time then now. Fresh off the release of their latest record they will be making a stop in our Sublime-loving city.

Monster Jam: A Date with Destruction

by Kristen Bily
Monster truck driving has come a long way from their starting days as a sideshow attraction for tractor pulling events here in the United States. As the demand to see these big trucks grew, fans only wanted to see more. As rules were made to structure this exciting sport, monster truck racing began to hold a place in American culture and eventually the first Monster Jam event was born. As it became one of the most popular shows for family entertainment, Monster Jam shows began touring all over the country in all of the biggest stadiums for their fans.

Scabby: Peeling back the layers

There are few characters in our fine city more interesting than the ‘Jane of all trades’ we have come to know and love as Scabby.

Scabby has won our hearts and out 10-spots, time and time and time and time and time again. Over the past 60 years it is safe to assume that she has at one time or another serviced most if not all men and most women in our city’s population.

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