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Scabby on Water Park Etiquette

You haters will be glad to know that even before the official opening of the Hurricane Alley Water Park, I have already been banned for the rest of my life (which if god has any mercy wont be very long).

What can I say, a girl needs a bath once in a while, and if I wasn’t supposed to use the place for that why did they only put 8 ft. fences around the property… you know Scabby can climb.

Wake up and… get WET?

Corpus Christ, Tx
by Will Vent
Due to my strict Southern Baptist upbringing, for most of my life I have frowned upon mixed bathing and believed with all my heart that “willys” and “who-has” in the same pool of water was the Devil’s work. I mean how does that not make sense to everyone…

Still when I heard that Corpus Christi was getting a water park I went on a personal journey to discover if it was okay for boys and girls to share a pool of water.

Moontower Comedy Festival, Austin TX: The Wrap Up by Kat McCloud

In the infamous words of Matthew McConoughey circa Dazed & Confused, “Party at the Moontower!”

Yes, party at the Moontower, indeed!

April 25th thru the 28th, was no doubt, the most SPECTACULAR comedic festival to come to Texas, EVER.

Throughout the streets of Austin, thousands scampered from venue to venue, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite comedians, as the first annual Moontower Comedy Festival, took over the city for three days.

Hurricane Alley – For A Good Time: Just Add Water by Kat McCloud

It was the summer of 2002 when I became a born-again waterpark fanatic. I was a freshman in college, and longed for the nostalgia of waterslides or boogie boards, anything other than the oppressive, expensive, and utterly BORING classroom setting I was accustomed to that previous semester. As my friends and I cruised to South Padre, I remember thinking that the beach, although frequented often, would suffice. The beach, which, by the way, is riddled with broken glass, jellyfish, and idiotic trust-fund dudes with tribal tattoos and an inflated sense of drunkenness.

Yes, that was the summer I was urinated on, not once, but TWICE. The first time by a dear friend, to ease the sting of the sea devil that skimmed my foot. The second time, by a dude-bro…who did not realize I was a person on a towel, and not a “lady-shaped sandcastle”. This incident also became the first time I consoled myself with tequila, and in turn spiraled into a series of events, including waking up with a “hello kitty” tattoo that says “me” underneath it.

Yes, all of this could have been avoided if I had been in a controlled, safe, chlorinated environment, (by the way, the sea is riddled with the following: fish shit, salty water, dead body remnants from the days of yore, seaweed, animals that will eat you, animals that will sting you, animals that will scare you….you get the idea). There are no cheap “waterpark-side” tattoo shops encouraging you to “live and be free”. I like having lockers. I like knowing there are security guards and a system in place, just in case someone waves their ding dong at me inappropriately. I need a beach break, a land break, and most importantly….to remember to rent Point Break, because it’s an incredible movie.



The point of all of that is to let you know, that for those of you who are over the bull of the beach….there is an alternative that awaits. In fact, it will be here THIS MONTH.

That’s right, round up the kids! Do you like slipping and sliding all around the sky with a guarantee that you won’t die? GREAT! HURRICANE ALLEY IS FINALLY HERE!

Yes, you’ve probably been watching the updates on the news. Corpus Christi folk couldn’t be more anxious to take advantage of the benefits the waterpark is already bringing to the community. The employment and tourism bump alone is expected to make a great impact, and keeping the kids out of trouble is a big plus. Whether you are a parent, a high school student, or a tiny lil’ tyke, Hurricane Alley has something for you!

“I’m pumped about it,” says mother of two, Amy Torres, and Corpus resident. “Other than the mall and the beach, there isn’t much to do with your kids unless you create the fun yourself. It will also be nice to be able to take them somewhere where I don’t have to worry about getting the car stuck. They are excited about the slides.”


We sat down with Hurricane Alley’s head of Public Relations, Ashley Higson, to find out more about what to expect this May.


When is the official opening date for the park?


Saturday, May 12.


Are there any promotions going on for the opening of the Park (for the month of May)? What are the plans for the Grand Opening?


We are running our Early Bird Season Pass Promotion thru opening weekend. The passes will be available online for the discounted rate of $99.99 per pass. The price will go up on May 14. There are also radio promotions that are currently being advertised for opening weekend, along with an in-house promotion where we’re giving away a Grand Opening souvenir Hurricane Alley Waterpark bag for the first 100 guests. Grand Opening Day will be a lot of fun; we’ll have live entertainment, fun photo booth, face painters, etc. on site for the guests to enjoy as part of our opening day festivities.


What is the expected turnout for the opening of the park?


We expect to be at full capacity for the grand opening. We have several private outings booked for that weekend, as well so it’s going to be busy but a great time! We encourage everyone to come out & experience the park for our first weekend of many, kicking off a great season!


What are the seasonal ticketing prices? What about single and adult prices? What can we expect as far as growth? Do you plan on expanding the park if all goes well?


Our season passes are currently being offered at an Early Bird discounted rate of $99.99 per pass. Each pass is individualized and the pricing is the same for both; there are no distinctions between a child’s & and an adult’s pass. For the first season, we are offering all single season passes but may consider offering family & corporate season passes in the future.

As far as growth, we are anticipating an awesome & successful first season! As Corpus Christi’s first & only family waterpark, we’re offering something totally new & exciting that cannot be found anywhere else in the city or Coastal Bend. We’re looking forward to introducing the park to our locals & guests and certainly do not rule out future expansion.


What has been the overall, biggest challenge, in getting this project off the ground? How did the project begin? How much time did it take to construct Hurricane Alley?


The biggest challenge we’ve faced in getting Hurricane Alley Waterpark ready to open to the public have been the construction & weather-related delays we faced in March & April. However, we have such a fantastic group of guys working on the construction of the park as part of the Alamo Grid Construction Co. and Gourley Contractors teams and they’ve given it their all. The management staff couldn’t be more appreciative to these guys, Innovative Leisure Partners (project managers) & our Hurricane Alley Waterpark team members for everyone’s hard work & persistence.

The project was announced on June 13, 2011 and officially broke ground on August 5, 2011….two very special days for our team. The park began like any other major project: a matter-of-fact discussion between Bill Durrill (Owner) and Chuck Hendrix (CEO of Innovative Leisure Partners, Project Managers) that turned into a great idea with real potential, all fueled by the Durrill Family’s love for Corpus Christi and their passion for seeing the city progress. The hope is that Hurricane Alley Waterpark will not only be a great asset for the city in terms of reintroducing Corpus Christi as a true destination for travelers, but that it will also be a catalyst for future progression & growth in the area. The park was constructed in 10 months.


What are the featured rides that will excite the kiddos? Are there any rides that you would recommend in particular for adults or kids?


All of our attractions will be exciting for our guests! The kiddos in particular will enjoy our Captain Kid’s Cove, featuring our own replica aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Dusty, complete with slides, water cannons & replica aircraft for their enjoyment. The little ones will also really enjoy our custom-designed baseball-themed spray deck that is actually also a common area shared with the Corpus Christi Hooks. As for the big kids & adults, our 6-story thrill slide, Cat 5, is the only one of its kind in the state of Texas and will be a blast for those looking for some real adventure! Family members of all ages will be able to enjoy our other slides, Momentum & Storm Chaser, as well as our 12,000 sq. ft. wave pool, Storm Surge. Our lazy river, Gulf Stream, will be a fun float for everyone. For the adults looking to relax, our custom-designed swim-up bar, Riptide Hideaway Bar, will be the perfect escape!


Is the park funded by a particular person or company? Have there been any issues with the city or community positive or negative, regarding the building of a waterpark? Will Schlitterbahn be an issue, or is there something that gives Hurricane Alley some extra appeal?


Hurricane Alley Waterpark is 100% privately funded; not a single dollar of taxpayer money has been requested or used to construct this park. The City of Corpus Christi has been extremely supportive of the project and we’ve had a good working relationship with them during the construction process. We do not foresee any issues with the proposed construction of Schlitterbahn Waterpark on North Padre Island.


Do you have any upcoming events that you would like to promote?


We are currently promoting our Grand Opening on May 12 and the Early Bird season pass promotion that will run thru May 14. We will be announcing additional promotions and special events as the season rolls out.


What suggestions do you have to anyone planning on spending a day at Hurricane Alley? Does the park offer food/drink/vending areas? Are there lockers? What is the policy for drinks within the park?


We suggest that everyone come ready to have a great time! We have our own restaurant area in the park, Wahoo Willy’s Surfside Grill. Guests will be able to enjoy hamburgers,

hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, BBQ sandwiches, etc. while dining in the park. Outside coolers, food & drinks (aside from necessary baby food) are not permitted inside the park. Our park policies can be found online at We will have lockers available for day rentals.

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